As the UK’s most popular range cooker manufacturer it’s no surprise that the Rangemaster line continues to improve as time goes on. While the Classic model evokes the traditional design that we associate the brand, what do you turn to if you want a range cooker that is more suited to the modern kitchen?


The Nexus SE 110 represents how Rangemaster is developing its iconic product line to integrate perfectly regardless of the style of your home, whilst retaining and even improving on features the brand has long been known for. These include outstanding durability, longevity and a range of handy features for an amateur to professional chefs. 

Perfect for large families, with two oven cavities with huge capacities as well as dedicated grill and slow cooker sections, the Nexus SE 100 is also the number one choice for hobby cooks. A host of innovative features and options for cooking multiple dishes at once make this Rangemaster the number one choice for newer kitchens that need an appliance capable of handling anything. 


Bringing A Traditional Design Into A Contemporary Kitchen

While the Rangemaster brand is often the first name on anyone’s lips when looking for a new range cooker the traditional design may not align with all kitchen aesthetics. With the Nexus SE 110 the balance between preserving the iconic Rangemaster look and bringing new innovations to the design has been perfected.

The range cooker is now symmetrical, with the two smaller cooking compartments sitting side by side at the top of the unit and the larger cavities the bottom. This, along with the addition of glass viewing windows in the main cavities, are the two key changes that you will notice when comparing to the Classic Rangemaster. 

As well as adding a modern look, when using the Nexus SE 110 the added convenience of the glass is apparent, allowing you to check on dishes without opening the doors and letting heat out. 

Controlling the functions on this model is also made easier and more aligned with contemporary kitchen designs, with diamond turned rotary controls crafted from aluminium that also add an extra layer of durability to a range cooker from a brand already known for outstanding build quality. 

Depending on the configuration you select for your Nexus SE 110 you can even have an induction hob over the classic hob burner that you would find on many traditional range cookers. Not only does this look more modern, but is also easier to clean, more efficient and less heat is added to the kitchen, making cooking more comfortable. 


Cook Four Ways At Once

Beyond durability, the other key feature Rangemaster has long been known for is delivering exceedingly versatile range cookers. Even though the Nexus SE 110 has changed the aesthetics of it’s most famous appliance to fit in with contemporary stylings, both have remained in the updated model. 

Four cooking zones are split into one traditional oven and a multi-function that boasts some handy features, both with a 73-litre capacity. In addition, there are smaller compartments for slow cooking, which can also be used as a plate warming area when preparing food, as well as an improved grill adjacent. 

The multi-function oven comes with 8 built-in features, including grill, browning for finishing dishes, de-frost as well as Rangemaster’s unique Rapid Response. This clever time-saving feature reduces pre-heat times by up to 30% and means you can get your food in the oven sooner, essential for foods that benefit from a hot oven such as when roasting meats or cooking puff pastry. 

All four elements can be used at the same time, giving maximum flexibility to your cooking. This does not even account for the hob on the top of the Nexus SE 110, if you select the traditional burners you will also have a griddle area that makes preparing grill or fried foods quick and easy without the use of a saucepan. Also included is a Wok attachment to allow for maximum stability when cooking on the hob. 

If you opt for a more modern induction hob then you get five dedicated cooking zones, with the left hand two zones able to be paired together to heat the included griddle pan evenly and allow you the same ease of use as the gas cooker option.

Preserving the outstanding usability and durability of the Classic Rangemaster models, this Nexus SE 100 model is an outstanding contemporary update to an iconic range cooker. Essential for modern kitchens, we recommend this model for those with larger families or passionate home cooks. 


For passionate foodies, Rangemaster is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Merseyside. At Knowsley Domestics you can get the Nexus SE 110 with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.